Health Centre & Business Hub

Complementary Health Care Providers at Millennium Hall

Chiropractic clinic

Liz Spinks  Tel: 01295 255866 / 07860 134138

Massage & Scar Therapy – Ashburton Therapy
Emily Ashburton-Duning  Tel: 07969 142397

Neurological Physiotherapy & Stroke Physiotherapist
Emma Thomas  Tel: 01295 690997

Silver Birch Care

Reserved health centre car parking spaces are at the front of the main car park, opposite the health centre’s entrance, so you’ll always be guaranteed a space.

Businesses based at Millennium Hall Health Centre

David Bostock Photography

Sutton Room, Room 6, First Floor, Millennium Hall Health Centre
Tel: 01865 400070 or 07967 078172

Kings Sutton Parish Council

The Parish Office for King’s Sutton Parish Council is located on the first floor of the hall. The Parish Clerk, Liz Hart, works part-time for the Council and can be contacted as follows:

Telephone: (01295) 816905


The Clerk’s office hours are usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12:30 – 17:45pm but as these may vary due to other morning and evening meetings, members of the public wishing to see the Clerk are advised to telephone or email in advance to make an appointment.

More information on the roles and duties of the Parish Council may be found here.